How it works.

Dine At Mine is an app that lets you buy and sell home-cooked meals, sauces and ingredients. It was started in New Zealand with the aim of reconnecting communities, changing lifestyles, creating incomes and showcasing people’s hospitality to the world.


There are literally hundreds of ways to use Dine At Mine:

  • invite your friends or meet your neighbours.

  • raise money for your club or community.

  • make lunches for your workmates.

  • bake a batch and sell the rest.

  • build a mobile business.



Getting set up.


Download the Dine At Mine app and open the Sign In tab to create your free account. Use a profile picture of yourself, so your customers and hosts know whom to expect.



Booking a meal.


Open the Search tab to see who's cooking nearby then click their menu to book and pay for it. Once you book a meal you’ll get a confirmation email connecting you with your chef. The details of your booking, including when to arrive and leave, will also be shown on the Bookings tab. We will then debit your credit card and pay it to your chef after they confirm you have arrived. 


All bookings are prepaid, but mistakes sometimes happen. You may be able to request a refund on the Profile tab. If your chef accepts it, we will refund you in full and if they don’t, we will refund you and your chef half-and-half.



Preparing a meal.


It takes a few minutes to start a ‘popup kitchen’ and you shouldn’t need a permit if you sell meals occasionally (e.g. less than four times a week). Open the Restaurant tab to describe what you'll cook, when and for how many people. You'll also need to decide how much you’ll charge and if you want people to eat at your place or take away. If you don't have a photo of your meal, take one of your recipe or dining area and remember to buy disposable containers if your meals are take away.


Once you launch a menu, we’ll advertise it on the Search tab and you can also send it to your friends or share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social channels. You’ll get a confirmation email connecting you with your customers, whom you can also see on the Customers tab. Try to give them enough time to find and book your menu by launching it several days early.


We will debit their credit cards and pay you, less our fees, after you confirm they have arrived (we charge the greater of 10% or $1.00 a meal). You’ll be able to withdraw your money on the Profile tab when it clears.



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